7 Ways To Get Rich in the Philippines

“If you stay here in the Philippines, you’ll never be rich.”

Those words came from my cousin who is a seaman.

When I was a kid, I was determined to become a seaman. Well-meaning as they truly are, my elder folks back home somehow led me to believe that it’s the only way you can become rich at the cheapest amount of investment in school. And from my observations of my own family and close relatives, it’s not difficult to tell who from among them has fattest wallets. I was convinced. I have to be a seaman.

I have two close friends — a couple — who are overseas workers. Every time we meet when they are back home in the Philippines, the husband would always say there is “no hope” for anyone to become rich here in the Philippines.

“Look at the salaries of your employees,” I remember him say. After a long pause and some kind of mental calculation, he continued, “I could earn at least 10 times as much if I do the same thing abroad.” That is, his one month salary abroad is equivalent to a year’s hard work here the Philippines. What a magic geography can do!

Do you agree? Isn’t it ironic why every Filipino’s dream is to flee from the Philippines?

I beg to disagree. That’s why I decided not to become a seaman. I could go on arguing why such kind of thinking is fundamentally flawed, but I’d rather not elaborate it here.

Suffice it to say that it is highly possible to become rich in this country. It can be done. A lot of people are doing it already. You, too can make it here!

Let me show you some of the ways.

1. Be Born Rich

Some guys are lucky to be born to a rich family. There is nothing wrong about this. If this is you, you owe it to yourself and your parents to keep the family wealth, preserve it, and let it grow for the future generations.

2. Marry Rich

Everybody loves shortcut. When it comes to wealth transfer, the marriage certificate is the ultimate shortcut ever devised by mankind.

“If thy marry for money, thy surely will earn it.” –A wise, anonymous lady.

3. Enter Showbiz

A lot of Filipinos could sense it already. That’s why when an audition for a talent search is conducted at some place in the country, people would flock to go there, endure the hardships just to get their ration of riches and fame… even just temporarily.

“The celebrity syndrome. When people forget who they are and start to believe what other people say about them.” –Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone

4. Become A Boxer

make money

A Wanna Be A Billionaire So Freaking Bad

If you can pull punches like Pacman and you’ve got foot works that could beat any breed of chicken, by all means don’t be shy… come out in the open… box.

Just make sure you know how to get the attention of Bob Arum and insist on fighting in the land of the free, home of the brave. That’s where big bucks are coming from.

But here’s the trick: you have do the boxing there (therefore, earn there) and live here in the Philippines. That’s like becoming an OFW, but you only have to really work hard for 1 month out of 12. And your earning potential? That’s directly proportional to how many elite boxers you can knock on the floor in the early rounds.

Let’s get ready to rumble?

5. Play Lotto

The game of chance is as old as mankind. In the Philippines, there are two kinds of gambling: legal and illegal — talk about double standards. If you should try to make it, you have to know the difference. Lotto tops the list of my recommendations.

6. Fool The People

If it already runs in the family or you’ve got the right connections, this route is either easy or bloody. And those who have taken the journey could tell you how good it is to be in power.

Tell the people that your main vocation in life is to become their servant. Plus, you love the poor, too. But never, ever tell them the ultimate truth: you don’t want to become one of them, or live where they live, or eat what they eat.

You only have two potential enemies here: your own conscience and the other guy who is always planning to kick you from your sit.

7. Own A Business

Seriously, this is the best chance left for most of us Filipinos to make it financially. You can’t be re-born to a rich family; at least not in this lifetime. Marrying a rich guy/gal is really like playing the lottery. Most of us don’t have a remarkable talent we could proudly take outside videoke bar. And we would rather just watch boxing over cable TV than actually be in the ring.

Business… Let’s give it some thought.

  • Matt Trauffer

    I’m a foreigner and I have a business here in the Philippines.

    I find this article to be very funny. But at the same time, it hits the nail in the head. Please write more business articles. I guess I can use some knowledge from you with regards to conducting my business operations in your country.

    • http://www.negosyobuilder.com CarlosV

      Hi Matt. Thanks for dropping by at this early stage of this project.

      We’ll definitely post lots of articles that are relevant and useful to the business owners in the Philippines — that includes you. :-)

      Keep in touch.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/virtualoutsourcingphilippines Jefferson Faudan

    I definitely agree with this and know quite a number of few who never left the country and turned out to be self-made individuals. You need not have to flee if you are aware that you have the capability to do things on your own. At some point, we have to banish the “i’ll-go-to-a-good-school-and-be-an-employee”, not that there’s anything wrong with that as we all have to start somewhere… schools should be teaching students to have an entrepreneurial mindset and creating jobs instead of forever looking 10-20 years of your life being an employee… and of course, a whole lot of frugality when starting out.

  • Lee

    You Forgot to include the Politics.. Being a Politician is one of the easiest way to become rich in the Philippines. Most of the time. Politics is not about to serve people but rather a good business.

    • http://www.negosyobuilder.com CarlosV

      Lee, it’s included at item #6. Fool The People. :-)

      I agree with you. Funny, but yes it’s true.

    • edz

      sinabi na (boy/girl) you don’t understand what you are reading… No. 6

  • Lord

    This is sick

  • http://rpunk85.sulit.com.ph/ Jeff

    Thanks for sharing!
    This must be an eye opener to us filipinos. We must be aware from advises we get. If you want to be rich, listen to the rich people(successful entrepreneurs to be precise) and those people will say “Put up a business & make it grow” . Other advises are just myths :)

  • shoppasshopp

    Do you want to be rich ? the watch this . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBEdAv-1vz4&feature=player_detailpage 09152636734 if you have questions. Thank you :)

  • http://theaveragefilipino.blogspot.com/ Dylan Morcillo

    Life for an average Filipino like myself is really a challenge. If you look around the internet, you would not really see a lot of rags to riches type of stories. It’s always about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We think that we are hopeless but really there are tons of opportunities out there. We just have to understand them, plan and execute. http://theaveragefilipino.blogspot.com/

  • rio jaen

    Hi! Study well and have a
    Good education.